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Suzanne Griffiths Sports Massage: Trigger Point Therapy: Myofascial Release: Relaxation Massage: Pregnancy Massage:

Since working at a family physiotherapy practice where my mother worked as a well-known physio on the Northern Beaches I developed a passion for sports massage, treating  sports injuries and relaxation massage.

Sports massage can be described as an advanced remedial massage. Remedial massage reduces tension from specific muscles. My sports massage treatments aim to treat the body as a whole stimulating contracted muscles working through various meridian lines, restoring function and length to permanently tense muscles. It removes muscles imbalances. Pressure is removed from joints to realign the spine. Inflammation and pain have the potential to disappear. Regular sports massage treatments create a fast and effective way to returning the body to its true authentic balanced state.

I always address the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptom. Results are longer lasting improved mobility.

Conditions treated: Tension headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain

Shoulder (rotator cuff) arm, hand pain, tennis, golfers elbow

Hip, back pain, leg pain, foot pain (plantar fascia)

Professional Associations – Member 032245 Massage & Myotherapy Australia

Most health funds accepted.

To book a massage with Suzanne TEXT 0432 844 722

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