Paul Lyons

Bachelor of Applied Science Acupuncture

Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture Massage Therapies Spiritual Psychology and Healing

Member of Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Member of Australian Traditional Medical  Association(ATMS3676)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Acupuncture (UTS 1993); Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College 1994); Certificate of Spiritual Psychology and Healing (Nature Care College 1995); Advanced Clinical Training (Guangzhou) China; Extensive Clinical Training in Japanese Acupuncture; 25 years Daily Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation practice.

I have been practicing Acupuncture and Associated Therapies at Rocklily Natural Health Care since the doors opened in 1998. With over 25 years hands on experience and   excellent clinical outcomes in the holistic medical field, I am well placed to offer the positive results you are seeking.

My Acupuncture is gentle and relaxing but most importantly it generates results quickly making it very cost effective for the client. When required I will include Foot Reflexology, Massage and Trigger Point Therapy to both enhance the outcome and to settle the nerves for new clients or those that may have an aversion to needles. I can also offer personalized meditative movement and breath exercises to further empower my clients and enhance the healing process.

Acupuncture has been proven clinically, scientifically and historically to be effective for numerous medical conditions including the following:

  • Relief from sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, general muscular soreness
  • For children with excessive coughing, sore throats, ear infections, asthma, eczema, not sleeping, digestive problems and general paediatrics
  • Maintain optimal health during pregnancy, breech babies, gentle inducement when required, fertility, IVF, hormonal imbalances and general gynecology
  • Help to slow down the effects of ageing by nourishing our vitality and wellbeing
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and migraines
  • Exhaustion, feeling run down from overwork or other lifestyle issues
  • Lack of motivation, low energy levels, addictions, constant colds and flu
  • Blocked sinuses, jaw pain, shallow breathing, tight chest, heart palpitations
  • High blood pressure, male health issues including fertility and prostrate care
  • Diabetes, nervous and upset stomach, general digestive problems
  • Pain relief from chronic disease, neurological conditions
  • Can be used safely in conjunction with western medicine

Contact Paul directly by phone on 0401 317 236.

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