Melanie Ruckley

Melanie has been part of the Rock Lily team since 2005 and we missed her when she spent 2014 as a full time mum. Melanie is now working Thursdays and Fridays in the clinic and offers Naturopathy, Iridology, Massage, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Her contact number is 0404 070 267.

After studying massage overseas, Melanie discovered her passion for complementary health care and returned to Australia in order to complete her Naturopathic studies here in Sydney.

Melanie’s practical approach to treatment focuses on realistic and achievable health goals. As a Naturopath Melanie utilises her skills in herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and massage to find solutions to both common and complex health concerns.

Melanie also thoroughly enjoys working with children and has two sons. Melanie has experienced first hand the enormous benefits of treating both common and stubborn paediatric complaints with her skills as a Naturopath.  Some examples include persistent colds and flus, feeding and teething problems, digestive upsets, sleeplessness, skin conditions and asthma and allergies.

As a massage therapist Melanie draws on her experience with both Hawaiian and remedial massage techniques. Her style is suited mostly to those who need to release stress and can incorporate work on both deep and soft tissues.

Melanie Ruckley - naturopathy, massage

Melanie Ruckley – naturopathy, massage

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