Margot Hardwick

Margot is currently in Ireland and will be available for in person consultations again from Monday 26 September 2022. Meanwhile you can contact Margot using the email form at the bottom of this page.

Naturopath, Homeopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist

Associations; ATMS Australian Traditional Medicine Society, AROH Australian Register Of Homoeopaths, AHA Australian Homœopathic Association

Margot is the principal therapist and founder of the Rock Lily Natural Health Care Centre. She has qualifications in Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Remedial Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Margot offers her clients a holistic approach to health care using which ever modality is indicated allowing her to tailor individual treatments for her clients. Margot states “I believe that the body responds to different types of medicine (orthodox or complimentary) in different ways depending on the presenting condition and the clients complete individual profile. I enjoy working in collaboration with medical practitioners to achieve good health and well being for my clients. In my practice I treat a variety of conditions, seeing people of all ages, with an aim of achieving optimal health for each patient”. Among Margot’s many specialties are fertility, children’s ailments and skin conditions.

Margot has lived on the Northern Beaches for over 40 years since she arrived in Australia from Ireland. She has two sons and four grandchildren all living close by on the beaches. Although sometimes she thinks she should retire she is still very passionate about her work and patients so when Margot returns to Ireland she communicates with her patients via skype and email. Margot’s previous work life was in aged care, where she managed a nursing home in Chatswood. She has also taught at Nature Care College in St Leonards.


Contact Margot directly by phone on 0418 629 037 or email using the following form.


Margot Hardwick - naturopathy, homeopathy, iridology

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