Angela Nicholson

Angela is a Homœopath and Bio Resonance Practitioner. She is available on Thursdays at the Rock Lily. To book in her number is 0432 386 301.
Angela studied at Nature Care College gaining an Advanced Diploma of Homœopathy and has undertaken further training to become a Qest4 Bio Resonance Practitioner. Angela also runs meditation classes, homœopathic first aid courses and has mentored homœopathic students at the Woodford folk festival. She is a member of The Australian Register of Homœopaths and The Australian Homœopathic Association.
Angela fell in love with homœopathy because she saw a practitioner for many years for her many health complaints and witnessed her own recovery from chronic fatigue, polycystic ovaries and IBS. Becoming a homœopath seemed the right path to choose.
The Qest4 Bioenergetic Screening System has now become an integral part of her practice. Angela’s intuitive style of prescribing is now backed up by the high tech Qest4 machine (formally known as Asyra). Angela says it’s “bringing homœopathy into the 21st century”.
The Qest4 machine runs high speed tests through a handheld device and it literally asks the body exactly what it needs and records this information. It can be compared to a high tech, high speed kinesiology session. The machine energetically screens the body for imbalances and will calculate exactly what potency and dosing requirements the body needs. The Qest4 will energetically imprint a personalised medicine with anything from fifty to one hundred fifty different energetic signatures in one bottle. Alongside the Qest4 medicine, a homœopathic remedy maybe prescribed, and lifestyle advice given. You, the client, will receive a detailed report with all the information recorded from the consultation.
The Qest4 technology gives unique insights and clues to imbalances within the energetic body and is a highly individualised method of energetic investigation. The biofeedback system and Qest4 medicine supplied will encourage the body to rebalance the energies of the body and of any underlying causes of disharmony. It also provides some awareness about the mind-body connection to dis-ease.
The Qest4 technology has evolved from the basic technology of the 1950’s which was referred to as Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS). Back then researchers found that the skin had a lower resonance on the acupuncture points resulting in their conductivity being higher. By using currents on these points and measuring the skins resistance researchers observed and measured that the resistance of acupuncture points associated with certain malfunctioning organs increased whereas healthy organ points remained at a constant. So, in essence this technology has been developing and evolving for over 65 years.
Qest4 machine has specific individualised tests for many health complaints such as energetic, environmental and food sensitivities, chest complaints, acne and skin conditions, emotional stressors, fatigue, immunity issues, multiple homeopathic constitutional remedy testing, toxicity, UTIs and many more.
To book in with Angela call 0432 386 301

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