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In our current environment we are living in a time where the human body is struggling to cope with the diverse range of electromagnetic frequencies in our environment. When the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted this creates areas of Geopathic stress which in turn can play havoc with our internal environment and wellbeing. The term Geopathic is derived from the Greek word “Geo’ meaning the earth and ‘pathos’ meaning disease or suffering so literally suffering of the earth and can also refer to negative energies.
The Earth resonates at approximately 7.83 Hz – (Schumann resonances), which is within the range of human alpha brainwaves and this vibration promotes good health. Certain factors may disrupt the environment’s electromagnetic field and resonance and therefore our health such as underground streams, water pipes, sewers, mould, swimming pools, storm water drains, electrical outlets and lines, telegraph poles, renovations, excavations, tunnels and underground railways. Even mineral formations and geological faults may contribute to Geopathic stress in the environment.
The effects of Geopathic stress on our health may appear as sleep disturbances, fatigue, low immune function, autoimmune conditions, fertility issues, learning and behaviour difficulties in children.
Other symptoms some people may encounter include;
• difficulty waking or feeling unwell on waking
• feeling like something isn’t quite right with the home or workspace or not feeling comfortable there
• possibly suffering from a serious illness or a treatment resistant condition
• the history of the workplace or residence has illness or death attached
• children are easily unsettled in the environment and have difficulty sleeping there
Over the centuries many cultures have been aware of the effects of Geopathic stress on our health they have used a variety of methods and names. The Chinese refer to it as Fengshui and the Buddhists use chanting, mandalas and singing bowls to help correct Geopathic stress. Even the Romans would observe how animals behaved and grazed in areas they planned to build as did the Vikings using their own methods. The South American’s use chanting, drumming, medicine circles and grids to correct energy flow and return their environment to a state of equilibrium and peace. Indigenous Australians use Song lines also called dream tracking are a frequency used to traverse and navigate great distances in order to observe the land and to keep the land ‘alive.’
Today our methods are a blend of many ideas and techniques from the past combined with a modern approach. To have the Geopathic stress lines of your home or workplace identified, mapped and resolved where possible or even to see whether you maybe suffering the effects of Geopathic stress please call Margot on 0418 629 037 or at the clinic on 9999 2211 to book a consultation.


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